ButcherQuip Slicer BSB2001



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Take your biltong and jerky making to the next level. This is the jerky professional or home enthusiast’s must-have tool. This table mounted shredder quickly and easily shreds your favorite biltong into perfectly sized strips that can savored alone or be used in salads, wraps, tacos, and more. With its simple design and easy-to-use design, you can create consistently sliced biltong or jerky for every single batch.


Ideal for use in butcheries, supermarkets, biltong shops or home kitchen.


  • Die cast aluminium body
  • Hinges open for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Protective flap for safe use
  • Hooks for hanging container
  • Fits in tight counter space, designed for bolting to tabe or stand Cutting blade is dynamically balanced for vibration free operation

Using only the very highest quality materials, our biltong shredder is the ideal accompaniment to your biltong-making ritual and a crucial part of the enjoyment of this much-loved South African delicacy. 

You could say that our jerky shredders have that cutting-edge quality to them, which is perfect for slicing biltong and other ingredients into thin, even pieces for consistent batches. Biltong slicers don’t need just to be used with biltong and braai. If you’ve got any deli meats, just put them through! Produce consistently clean cuts every time with models designed just for this. 

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